HP Officejet 7210 - Load an original on the glass

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Load an original on the glass

You can copy, scan, or fax up to letter- or A4-size single-page originals by loading
them on the glass, as described here. If your original contains multiple full-size pages,
load it in the automatic document feeder. For more information, see

Load an original

in the automatic document feeder


You should also follow these instructions when loading a proof sheet on the glass for
photo printing. If your proof sheet contains multiple pages, load each page on the
glass one at a time. Do not load a proof sheet in the automatic document feeder.


Many of the special features will not work correctly if the glass and lid

backing are not clean. For more information, see

Clean the HP All-in-One


To load an original on the glass

Remove all originals from the document feeder tray, then lift the lid on the HP All-


Place your original face down on the right front corner of the glass.
If you are loading a proof sheet, make sure the top of the proof sheet is lined up
against the right edge of the glass.


For more help on loading an original, refer to the guides along the

front and right edges of the glass.


Close the lid.