HP Officejet 7210 - Clean the lid backing

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Clean the lid backing

Minor debris can accumulate on the white document backing located underneath the
lid of the HP All-in-One.

Turn off the HP All-in-One, unplug the power cord, and raise the lid.


When you unplug the power cord for more than 72 hours, the

date and time are erased. You will need to reset the date and time later,
when you plug the power cord back in. For more information, see

Set the

date and time

. Any faxes stored in memory are also erased.


Clean the white document backing with a soft cloth or sponge slightly moistened
with a mild soap and warm water.


Wash the backing gently to loosen debris. Do not scrub the backing.


Dry the backing with a chamois or soft cloth.


Do not use paper-based wipes, as these might scratch the



If further cleaning is needed, repeat the previous steps using isopropyl (rubbing)
alcohol, and wipe the backing thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove any
residual alcohol.


Be careful not to spill alcohol on the glass or painted parts of the

HP All-in-One, as this might damage the device.