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Network glossary


American Standard Code for Information Interchange. The
standard for numbers used by computers to represent all the
uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, numbers, punctuation,


A feature of the installation software, which determines the
configuration parameters of devices on the network.


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. A server on the network
that supplies configuration parameters to devices on the
network. On small networks, this could be a router.


Domain Name Service. When you use the web or send an e-
mail message, you use a domain name to do it. For example,
the URL http://www.hp.com contains the domain name hp.com.
The DNS on the Internet translates the domain name into an IP
address. Devices use the IP addresses to refer to one another.


See DNS. The SD portion stands for Service Discovery. This is
part of a protocol developed by Apple that enables automatic
discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks.


Digital Subscriber Line. A high-speed connection to the Internet.


The most common local network technology that connects
computers using copper cabling.

Ethernet cable

The cable used to connect network elements in a wired
network. The CAT-5 Ethernet cable is also known as a straight-
through cable. When using an Ethernet cable, the network
elements must be attached to a router. The Ethernet cable uses
an RJ-45 connector.


Embedded Web Server. A browser-based utility that provides a
simple way to manage your HP All-in-One. You can monitor
status, configure HP All-in-One networking parameters, or
access HP All-in-One features. For more information, see


the Embedded Web Server



A computer or other device, such as a router, that serves as an
entrance to the Internet or another network.


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Hexadecimal. The base 16 numbering system, which uses the
digits 0-9 plus the letters A-F.


No longer used much in modern home networks, a hub takes its
signal from each computer and sends it to all of the other
computers connected to the hub. Hubs, are passive; other
devices on the network plug into the hub in order to
communicate with one another. A hub does not manage the

IP address

A number that uniquely identifies the device on the network. IP
addresses are assigned dynamically through DHCP or AutoIP.
You can also set up a static IP address, though this is not


An infrastructure network uses a router, switch, or access point
to connect network elements.

MAC address

Media Access Control (MAC) address that uniquely identifies
the HP All-in-One. This is a unique 12-digit identification number
assigned to networking hardware for identification. No two
pieces of hardware have the same MAC address.


Network Interface Card. A card on your computer that provides
an Ethernet connection so that you can connect your computer
to a network.

RJ-45 connector

The connector on the ends of an Ethernet cable. Although
standard Ethernet cable connectors (RJ-45 connectors) look
similar to standard telephone cable connectors, they are not
interchangeable. An RJ-45 connector is wider and thicker and
always has 8 contacts on the end. A phone connector has
between 2 and 6 contacts.


Service Set Identifier. A unique identifier (up to 32 characters)
that differentiates one wireless local area network (WLAN) from
another. The SSID is also referred to as the network name. This
is the name of the network to which the HP All-in-One is


A router provides a bridge between two or more networks. A
router can link a network to the Internet, link two networks and
connect both to the Internet, and help secure networks through
the use of firewalls and assigning dynamic addresses. A router
can also act as a gateway, while a switch cannot.


A switch makes it possible for several users to send information
over a network at the same time without slowing each other
down. Switches allow different nodes (a network connection
point, typically a computer) of a network to communicate directly
with one another.

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