HP Officejet 7210 - Memory card troubleshooting

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Memory card troubleshooting

The following troubleshooting tips relate only to Macintosh users of iPhoto.

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You insert a memory card into a networked HP All-in-One, but iPhoto does not
see it


A memory card must appear on the desktop for iPhoto to find it, but a

memory card inserted in a networked HP All-in-One does not automatically mount
on the desktop. If you simply launch iPhoto from its folder or by double-clicking an
alias, the application cannot see the inserted, but unmounted memory card.
Instead start the HP Director and choose iPhoto from More Applications.
When you start iPhoto from within the HP Director in this way, the application
sees and mounts the memory card automatically.

You have video clips on a memory card, but they do not appear in iPhoto after
you import the memory card’s contents.


iPhoto handles still photos only. To manage both video clips and still

images, use Unload Images from the HP Director instead.