HP Officejet 7210 - Print photos directly from a memory card

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Print photos directly from a memory card

You can insert a memory card in your HP All-in-One and use the control panel to print
photos. For information on printing photos on your HP All-in-One from a PictBridge-
compatible camera, see

Print photos from a PictBridge-compatible digital camera


This section contains information on the following topics: printing individual photos,
creating borderless photos, and deselecting photos.


When printing photos, you should select options for the correct paper

type and photo enhancement. For more information, see

Set photo print


. You might also want to use the photo print cartridge for superior print

quality. For more information, see

Use a photo print cartridge


You can do more than print your photos if you use the HP Image Zone software. This
software lets you use photos for iron-on transfers, posters, banners, stickers, and
other creative projects. For more information, see the onscreen HP Image Zone Help.