HP Officejet 7210 - Fax over the Internet

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Fax over the Internet

You might subscribe to a low-cost phone service that allows you to send and receive
faxes with your HP All-in-One by using the Internet. This method is called Fax over
Internet Protocol (FoIP). You probably use a FoIP service (provided by your telephone
company) if you:

Dial a special access code along with the fax number, or

Have an IP converter box that connects to the Internet and provides analog
phone ports for the fax connection.


You can only send and receive faxes by connecting a phone cord to the

port labeled "1-LINE" on the HP All-in-One and not from the Ethernet port. This
means that your connection to the Internet must be done either through a
converter box (which supplies regular analog phone jacks for fax connections)
or your telephone company.

The FoIP service might not work properly when the HP All-in-One is sending and
receiving faxes at high speed (33600 bps). If you experience problems sending and
receiving faxes while using an Internet fax service, use a slower fax speed. You can
do this by changing the

Fax Speed

setting from


(the default) to


. For

information on changing this setting, see

Set the fax speed


You should also check with your telephone company to make sure their Internet
phone service supports faxing. If they do not support faxing, you will not be able to
send and receive faxes through the Internet.