HP Officejet 7210 - Print other reports

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Print other reports

You can manually generate reports about your HP All-in-One, such as the status of
the last fax you sent, a list of programmed speed-dial entries, or a self-test report for
diagnostic purposes.



, and then press



This selects

Print Report



Press to scroll through the following report types:

1: Fax Confirmation

: prints fax confirmation reports as described in

Print fax

confirmation reports


2: Fax Error Report

: prints reports for any error encountered during fax

transmission as described in

Print fax error reports


3: Last Transaction

: prints details of the last fax transaction.

4: Fax Log

: prints a log of approximately the last 30 fax transactions.

5: Speed Dial List

: prints a list of programmed speed-dial entries.

6: Self-Test Report

: prints a report to assist you in diagnosing print and

alignment problems. For more information, see

Print a self-test report



After the report that you want is highlighted, press