HP Officejet 7210 - Set up speed dialing

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Set up speed dialing

You can assign speed-dial entries to fax numbers you use often. Use the one-touch
speed dial buttons on the control panel to send faxes quickly. You can also press

Speed Dial

to scroll through and select from the list of speed-dial entries.

The first five speed-dial entries are automatically saved to the one-touch speed dial
buttons on the control panel.
For information on sending a fax using speed dials, see

Send a fax using speed dials


You can also set up group speed dials. This saves you time by sending a fax to a
group of people at once, rather than sending the fax to each recipient individually.

You can quickly and easily set up speed-dial entries from your computer by using the
HP Image Zone software. For more information, see the onscreen HP Image Zone
that came with your HP Image Zone software.